How To Catch Pinky (Piggy) For Bait

The Pinky gets it's name from the pink shine it has when it is taken from the water. They are in the same species line as the Spotted Grunter and thus have also been called the Olive Grunter. Another common name for this saltwater fish species is the Piggy; this is because of the pig-like grunt that it often makes when caught.

Remember that you are only allowed 10 Pinky per person per day, and they have to be at least 7.5 centimeters in length.

Catching Pinky for baitThe Pinky is very common all along the Eastern Cape coast and from Port Shepstone to the Knysna area. They are an important bait fish for Garrick and Kob and can often be seen in their thousands. Pinky are often caught in the surf where rocks and sandy gullies are present. They are, however, more common in estuary systems, and they particularly like structure, where they can hide easily away from their many predators. You can find them near rocks, bridges, jetties, and in shallow water on the prawn banks.

Pinky are better fished live, although dead fish and fillets do work. Light line, sensitive rod and small reels work well. If you approach any sort of structure you should find them.

You are allowed to catch these fish in a throw net between sunrise and sunset and sabiki jigs work very well.

The best trace I would use for Pinky has to include a small hook. Size 10 Octopus hooks, size 12 bandit hooks or anything smaller is the best way to go. A piece of 10lb Double X, approximately 10 centimeters in length should be used as the hook snoot and attached to a small barrel sinker. Above this I will have a small ball sinker (1/4 ounce maximum) or any other type of sliding sinker that can freely slide up and down your main line. Without a doubt a small piece of pink prawn is the best bait for the Pinky. Secure the bait with latex cotton and you are good to go!

The Pinky is a good live bait for Kob and Garrick, Shad, Springer, Snapper, Rockcod and big Bartail Flathead. I have caught Lesser Sandshark, Blacktail and Karanteen on Pinky pieces/fillets or full dead Pinky.