Photo's & Pictures Of South Africa's Shad (Elf, Tailor, Bluefish)

The Shad, also called the Elf in certain parts of South Africa, is probably the most well known fish species in South Africa, especially along the KwaZulu Natal coast where the Shad congregate in big shoals and attack any bait or lure. There is a major problem with Shad anglers in South Africa as they do not obey the bag limits: The closed season for the Shad is the 1st of October to the 30th of November and to keep a Shad they have to be at least 30 centimeters in length. An angler may only keep 4 Shad per day. The Shad is also known as the Elf, Tailor and Bluefish. Please see images and photographs of the South African Elf below:

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Shad (Elf, Bluefish,Tailor) Shad (Elf) used as a slide live bait
Locals catch of Shad for the day Western Province club angler with a nice shad
RASSPL Shad/Elf Cyril Riddin Shad/Elf at Kasouga
40cm Shad (Elf) caught in river Close Up of a shad's teeth
Aimee Harvey with a nice size river Shad (Elf) Shad caught in blind river