South African Springer (Skipjack) Photographs & Images (Ten Pounder, Ladyfish)

The Springer is a beautiful, prehistoric gamefish that is also known as the Skipjack (In the Eastern cape Province), Ten Pounder and Lady fish. The Springer is an aggressive fish species that will readily take live bait or lure. The word Springer is from the South African language Afrikaans which means "Jumper". The Springer gets its name because when it is hooked it jumps up out of the water many times during the fight. Please see images and photographs of the South African Springer (Skipjack) below:

Springer (Skipjack, Ten Pounder, Ladyfish) 1.9 kilogram Springer (Skipjack, Ten Pounder, Ladyfish)
Beautiful Springer caught on a Halco Sorcerer The South African Springer (Skipjack, Tenpounder, ladyfish)
Close up of a South African Skipjack (Springer) Springer (Skipjack)
Springer (Skipjack) caught on fly