Dinkum Quality Denco Lures For South African Game Fish - Prerigged

Denco Skirted Lures: TunaC1 D2 TACKLE TRADERS has been the proud sole African importers and distributors for the HALCO TACKLE COMPANY, an Australian Lure Company, for the many years. C1-D2 Tackle Traders took Halco from a complete unknown brand in South Africa, to a market leader. Because of their success with Halco, C1 D2 Tackle Traders have been awarded exclusivity for the import and distribution in South Africa and surrounds, of DENCO TACKLE: manufacturers of skirted lures Denco is an in-house locally produced brand. These lures are hand-made with precision in the finest Lure Factory in South Africa and are tested by highly experienced International Game Fishing Professionals. Denco Lures are exclusively distributed by C1 D2 Tackle Traders and here at Fish The Sea... DENCO Lures, 'Use 'em or Lose 'em!

Denco Skirted Kona Lures For Deep Sea Gamefish Species

Denco Marlin Gamefish Lures & TackleThe DENCO range of skirted lures come in various sizes, face shapes and colours and one can target many pelagic and offshore fish species with these Denco skirted lures. Fish such as Dorado, King Mackerel, Wahoo, Tuna, Sailfish, Marlin, Barracuda, Jobfish, Rainbow Runner and so many more. Please see what lures we sell below, and in what colours and sizes. Pictures of colours and the actual lures are below the table. Denco Lures come pre rigged with stainless steel hooks and stiff rig.

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Denco Skirted Lures Products & Prices

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DENCO Lure Size Face Shape Hooks Price (EXCL. VAT)
Choppy Large 29.5 cm's Slanted 2x 9/0's R299.00
Choppy Medium 26.5 cm's Slanted 2x 8/0's R269.00
Choppy Small 24 cm's Slanted 2x 6/0's R229.00
Scoopy Large 29.5 cm's Cup 2x 9/0's R299.00
Scoopy Medium 26.5 cm's Cup 2x 8/0's R269.00
Scoopy Small 24 cm's Cup 2x 6/0's R229.00

Denco Lure Colours

The following 5 colours are available in both the Scoopy and Choppy Denco Lures...

Denco skirted lures fluoro tiger
Fluoro Tiger
Denco Skirted Lures: pink ice
Pink Ice
Denco Skirted Lures: Capt M

Capt M
Denco Skirted Lures: Lumo
Denco Skirted Lures: BP Oil
BP Oil
Denco Lures South Africa Denco Lures Ready To Use

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