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The HALCO Max - A Class Of Its Own!

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The HALCO Max is regarded as a superb lure for large saltwater game fish. Many people would choose this lure over any other lure in the HALCO range. The HALCO Max is a cutting edge, lipless minnow imitation that pelagic species and other game fish can't resist. Fantastic fish have been caught on the HALCO Max 130 and this lure can be used in all conditions and different environments. The HALCO Max, which is 13 centimeters in length, can be used for rock and surf and shore fishing as well as boat angling and trolling. This is a great casting lure, especially in windy and rough conditions. Tuna and king Mackerel absolutely love this lure! The HALCO Max has a slender tail for maximum hook exposure. The HALCO Max is also a great lure to target freshwater game fish with. Nile Perch and Tigerfish cannot resist this beautifully weighted lure.

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The HALCO Max only comes in one size - 13 centimeters. In my opinion this is the perfect size for a lure of this caliber. The HALCO Max can even be used for jigging and many a trophy fish has been landed by this method of angling. The HALCO Max can be used to target many freshwater predatory fish and saltwater game fish. If you want to catch that fish of a life time on artificial bait: this is the hard plastic lure for you! The HALCO Max comes with two MUSTAD 2/0 treble hooks to make sure once that fish is hooked it will not get off...

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HALCO Max 130 Summary


Lure Size: 130mm (13cm)
Hooks: 2/0 Mustad 3XX Trebles
Max Speed: 12 knots
Ideal Speed: 4-8 knots
Swim Depth: 2 meters
Weight: 80 grams
Fishing Applications: Trolling / Spinning / Jigging

Fish Species That can be caught on the HALCO Max 130 - Tuna, Kingfish, King Mackerel, Garrick, Queen Mackerel, Dorado, Wahoo, Amberjack, Yellowtail, Sailfish and many others...

Please see the colours the HALCO Max are available in below: Red and black, purple, pink, olive green, blue, red and white. Please click image to enlarge... They are available in a wide range of other colours as well!

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Halco Max 130 Red And Black Lure Halco Max 130 purple fishing lure Halco Max 130 pink fishing lure

Halco Max 130 olive green fishing lure Halco Max 130 blue fishing lure Halco Max red and white fishing lure