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The HALCO Roosta Popper - Top Of The Range

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The HALCO Roosta Popper is a very well known surface lure that can be used for saltwater and freshwater angling. You can catch anything from Bass to Yellowfin Tuna on the HALCO Roosta Popper. The HALCO Roosta Popper is the ultimate cast and retrieve open faced popper. The Roosta Poppers are rear weighted for easy long distance casting. The Roosta Poppers can be used from the shore and the boat. These are high quality lures that will catch big fish. If you have seen the Saltwater fishing program Extreme Sports Angling (ESA) you will know how well these Roosta Poppers work.

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Halco Roosta Poppers

They come in a variety of sizes, 3 of the best sizes are available for purchase here: 105 (10.5 centimeters), 135 (13.5 centimeters) and 195 (19.5 centimeters). The HALCO Roosta Popper 195 is nicknamed the Haymaker because of the noise and commotion it creates on the water. These lures are designed in a way in which if the fish are in the immediate area they will attack these lures. The smaller lures (105 and 135) can be used for shore, rock and estuary angling. They are also good for offshore fishing, but if you have the Roosta Popper 195 Haymaker you will not need to cast the 105 or 135 off the boat. These are created from the best materials and so much angling success can be attributed to the Roosta Popper. Listed below are the specifications of each lure size and what fish can be caught on what size Roosta Popper. The colours these Roosta Poppers come in can be seen below too... We sell the Roosta Poppers in four different colours which have proved to be the most successful: Red and gold, green, blue and red and white.

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HALCO Roosta Popper 105 Summary


Size: 105 mm (10.5 cm)
Hooks: No.1 Mustad 3XX Trebles
Tackle: Light
Weight: 38 grams
Applications: Trolling / Spinning

Fish Species That Can Be Caught: Freshwater Fish... Bass, Tigerfish, Nembwe, Yellowfish... Saltwater Fish... Shad, Kob, Springer, Garrick, Kingfish, Bonito, Sarda Sarda, Snapper and many many more...

HALCO Roosta Popper 135 Summary


Size: 135 mm (13.5 cm)
Hooks: 2/0 Mustad 3XX Trebles
Tackle: Med
Weight: 50 grams
Applications: Trolling / Spinning

Fish Species That Can Be Caught: Freshwater Fish... Tigerfish... Saltwater Fish... Shad, Kob, Garrick, Kingfish, Tuna, Snapper, Dorado, King Mackerel, Queen Mackerel, Amberjack and many many more...

HALCO Roosta Popper 195 Haymaker Summary


Size: 195 mm
Hooks: No.5/0 Mustad 5XX Trebles
Tackle: Heavy
Weight: 116 grams
Applications: Trolling / Spinning

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Fish Species that can be caught on this lure include: Kingfish, Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo, Sailfish. Every fish you catch on the Roosta Haymaker - you will be in for a back aching fight- what every offshore fisherman dreams of! Please click image to enlarge. These Halco Lures are also available in other great colours...

Halco Roosta Popper Fishing Lure Red and Gold Halco Roosta Popper Fishing Lure green Halco Roosta Popper Fishing Lure blue Halco Roosta Popper Fishing Lure Red and white