How To Record Fish In RASSPL Competitions - The Correct Way

RASSPL recording and measuring fishOne of the most vital aspects of the RASSPL league competition is measuring and recording the fish you catch. It is vital that you get this procedure right in order to get your fish to qualify for points... This page will; show you images and provide you with all necessary information you need to record a fish correctly during RASSPL tournaments. To perform this properly you need to have a RASSPL weigh mat, or be fishing with someone who does have one; you need to be fishing close to someone who can witness your catch, and you need a camera.

Step 1

When you have a fish hooked, reel it in and land it safely, on your own (No assistance is allowed). If the RASSPL weigh mat is not close by, place your fish in a rock pool or wet your hands and hold it until you have the mat.

Step 2

When you have the RASSPL weigh mat, wet the mat, place the fish on it.

RASSPL - weighing fish

Step 3

If the fish is large enough to qualify for points, put your weigh card on the mat by the fish. Put the weigh card so the symbol of the day and your name and RASSPL number can be seen and photograph the fish.

RASSPL Weigh Mat

Step 4

Get a photo of the fish with the area it was caught in the background.

How to use RASSPL Weigh Mat

Step 5

Revive the fish and release it unharmed, make sure it is strong enough to swim away.

RASSPL releasing fish

Step 6

Get the witness to fill in your catch. The witness must use his/her RASSPL number where it says "witness" on the weigh card.

Step 7

Once all this is done you are allowed to bait up and make your next cast.