The Blue Kurper That Shocked Us All - Industrial Tilapia Fishing!

The Blue Kurper, well known as the Mozambique Tilapia, has always been close to the top of my list as a target freshwater fish species, but up until this day in March 2012, I had not caught a "size" fish. Well my luck was about to change.

Small Common Carp caught in Kempton ParkDoing some research on a new fishing venue, I met up with my good friend Gavin to do some angling at Marwan Fishing Dam, in Kempton Park. This dam is a quarry in the middle of an industrial area. The rain was pouring down and it was very cold. We started off targeting Carp and Barbel. We had no action for a few hours, so we decided to move to the deep point at the dam wall. Minutes after my first Carp rod settled, it ran. It was a beautiful juvenile Common Carp, the same thing happened on the second rod about a minute later.

Gareth Roocroft with a large Blue KurperWith both my rods out the water I re-baited. I had a double hook trace with 2x size 8 Owner Carp Hooks, and 7lb leader. The next thing I know, my reel goes screaming off! I strike, and immediately I feel it is a good fish. Thinking about what size this Carp could possibly be, I hear Gavin shouting in excitement, "it's a Blue, it's a Blue!". I then saw it, and yes it was a big Blue Kurper. Then the adrenaline started pumping... I played the fish as carefully as possible, and when Gavin netted the Blue Kurper, I let out a huge shout of joy. What a beautiful fish, I was speechless. With all the excitement I did not bother weighing it, instead took a few photograph's and released it as quickly as possible. Who would of thought? A fish like this could occur in a dam surrounded by factories! Definitely not me...