Kempton Park Quarry - Marwan Fishing Dam

Marwan Fishing Dam - Kempton Park QuarryThe Marwan Fishing Dam is in Kempton Park, on a private piece of land that holds and deals with scrap metal. The dam is very clear and pristine, considering it is surrounded by factories and housing complexes. There are some big fish here, but fishing can be tricky. The dam is very deep, as it was once a quarry. At the time of writing this article entrance to the dam was R15 per person, which is collected by one of the workers. When you arrive there will be 2 gates you will drive through, please open both and close them behind you as there are horses, sheep, pigs, chickens and dogs on the property.

How To Get To Marwan Fishing Dam?

Marwan Fishing Dam Google MapsMarwan Fishing Dam is located in Epic Street in west Kempton Park. Please see the map left (click to enlarge) of where the Marwan Fishing Dam is exactly. It is where the big green A is marked on the map. The map and GPS co ordinates are courtesy of Google Maps.

GPS Co Ordinates: -26.070507,28.193271

Marwan Fishing Dam Kempton ParkFishing At Marwan Dam?

There are a lot of different fish species in the dam, as it has been stocked with various fish over the years and no one actually knows what species have bred successfully and what species have died off. All methods of fishing can be done here, from bank angling to Artlure to fly fishing. The species that we are confident still exist at Marwan Fishing Dam are listed below:

Below are some pictures of the fish caught here, please click them to enlarge:

Koi Marwan Fishing Dam Vlei Kurper Kempton Park Quarry
Blue Kurper Marwan Fishing Dam Small Common Carp Kempton Park Quarry