Millstream Fly Fishing - Lake Crystabel

Millstream South AfricaLike The Solitary Reaper, Lake Crystabel is a catch and release only Trophy dam, that holds massive Brown and Rainbow Trout. It is one of the most popular dams fished at Millstream, because of the chance you have of catching the Trophy Trout. It is also the second largest body of water at Millstream and is surrounding by wildlife and beautiful scenery. Lake Crystabel is a very difficult dam to fish, there are no set techniques or flies that work here every time, fishing this dam should be approached (No matter how many times you have fished it) as a new body of water never fished before. If you haven't been chased by a Brown trout of 3kgs 10 times in a row, with it rejecting the fly as it takes it, you have to fish Crystabel! The adrenaline is like no other in the sport of Fly Fishing.

When To Fish Crystabel?

Crystabel fishes it's best from mid morning to early evening, and if you are fishing from the bank, the best conditions would be a slight breeze and in low light.

Where To Fish Crystabel?

Fishing Lake Crystabel Millstream DullstroomThe dam wall bank is a winner, this is the best spot to fish if you do not have a float tube. Another good area is the shallow water around the island, often big Trout hold in here and will eagerly take a fly, if they feel like it! Please see the diagram on the left for an account of Tony Roocroft's experience at Crystabel.

What Flies Work?

Dry Fly: Royal Wulff, Goddard's Sedge, RAB.

Wet Fly: Walkers Killer, Sir Roden's Killer, Hamills Killer, Woolly Bugger, Lake Dragon.

Nymph: PTN, GRHE, Aggrevator.

What Techniques Work?

Dry flies should be fished right along the edge of the dam wall for best success. Wet flies should be fished with an extremely fast retrieve when the fish are in spawn, otherwise (Try the same with Nymphs) a slow steady deep retrieve with a pause in between each strip normally does the job.

Extra Tips For Crystabel

If you have a float tube, drift around Crystabel with a nymph below a strike indicator, about 2 feet, or by "trolling" a large wet fly.

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