Millstream - Fly Fishing The Weirs

Millstream has a superb weirs system that is fed via a small naturally waterfall fed stream. There are 13 weirs in total, that all fish differently and some weirs are much better than others... On this page you will learn everything you need to be successful in catching Trout in the weirs at Millstream. The knowledge shared here dates back to May 1990 when Millstream was first opened.

Cinnamon Weir

Cinnamon Weir Millstream South AfricaThis weir is the last weir from the top and the closest to Lake Millstream. This weir has been very difficult to fish because of the clarity of the water and the depth. It is a beautiful weir but does not go to a depth of more than 5 feet. It can be a fun weir to sight fish with a dry fly.

When To Fish? Cinnamon Weir is best fished in low light or when there is a wind blowing over the water, as the fish spook very easily in this weir. I normally have found just before sunrise is the perfect time to fish Cinnamon.

What Flies Work? The fish can be very picky as mentioned, the best flies are dry flies here such as: Irresistible, Red Humpy, Royal Wulff, Light Cahill. I have had no success on wet flies or nymphs here.

Extra Tips? Fish this weir hard if you want to get a fish out of it! Also look out for resident Cape Clawless Otters in the early morning.

Walker Water

Walker Water Millstream South AfricaThis is my favourite weir at Millstream. It is quite narrow and shallow in most parts with a few holes amongst rocky and weedy structure. The fish are not as large here as in the other weirs but they always seem to be in amazing condition! You can often sight fish close to the waterfall inlet from Polka Pool (See below) as the Rainbows enjoy lying right up against the waterfall, no doubt for more oxygen.

When To Fish? This is an early morning weir and you can have success here from darkness all the way up to 10am. It fishes well in the early evening as well.

What Flies Work? I have had success here with a range of flies... Dry Flies: Royal Wulff, RAB, Irresistible, DDD. Nymphs: GRHE, PTN, Damsel Nymph. Wet Fly: Woolly Bugger, Walkers Killer, Zonker.

Extra Tips: If you catch 3 fish in quick succession in Walker Water, fish another weir for at least 30 minutes as the fish get very spooked. Don't be shy to cast into the shallow water under the waterfall.

Polka Pool

Polka Pool Millstream South AfricaPolka Pool is one of the deepest weirs and holds some magnificent fish. If no other weirs are producing fish, Polka Pool should be chosen as your "go to" weir; it has turned many poor fishing sessions into great and memorable ones.

When To Fish? Polka Pool is generally quiet between 11am and 3pm, anytime before and passed that fishes very well.

What Flies Work? Dry Flies: White Moth, Humpy, Royal Wulff, Light Cahill, Goddard's Sedge. Nymphs: GRHE, Flashback, Damsel Nymph. Wet Flies: Walkers Killer, Mrs. Simpson, Woolly Bugger, Zonker, Streamer, Fritz.

Extra Tips: If the wind is blowing from behind you if you are standing on the wall at Polka Pool, use a Goddard's Sedge and feed line until the fly reaches the reeds.

Evening Rise

Evening Rise Millstream South AfricaAppropriately named due to the fact that every evening the fishes rise constantly, every day. Its a very picturesque weir and is my fathers favourite weir in Millstream. I landed my first ever Rainbow Trout in this weir.

When To Fish? This weir can be fished throughout the day but fishes best from 3pm until well after sunset.

What Flies Work? This is a great dry fly weir... Dry Flies: Humpy, Royal Wulff, White Moth, Royal Coachman, Goddard's Sedge, DDD, Light Cahill. Nymphs: GRHE, Flashback. Wet Flies: Woolly Bugger, Walkers Killer, Zulu, Fritz.

Extra Tips: Fish the dam wall next to the reeds and cast alongside them. Strip a wet fly quickly as light fades.

My Beauty

My Beauty Millstream South AfricaArguably the most consistent weir in Millstream with the biggest Trout. My Beauty holds many fish close to and over 1.5kgs along the steep drop offs and reed beds the weir offers. The best spot to fish My Beauty is next to Marie's Bridge.

When To Fish: My Beauty can be fished anytime of the day and can be very productive during the heat of the day when the other weirs go quiet.

What Flies Work? Dry Flies: Humpy, Royal Wulff, Royal Coachman, Goddard's Sedge, Coch-y-bondhu, Red Humpy, DDD, Light Cahill. Nymphs: GRHE, Damsel Nymph. Wet Flies: Woolly Bugger, Fritz.

Extra Tips: Use sinking line when fishing wet fly here and count to 15 before starting a quick retrieve.


Irresistible Millstream South AfricaIrresistible, is named because it truly is irresistible, its hard to walk past this weir without having a few casts. The fish here often feed in frenzy-like manner. I once caught 7 Rainbows in 15 minutes.

When To Fish: Irresistible can be tough to fish and is best fished early morning and late afternoon into evening. You can get days where you can't stop catching the fish and days where you present every fly in your box without even having an enquiry.

What Flies Work? Dry Fly: White Wulff, Deer Hair Caddis, Elk Hair Sedge, Goddard's Sedge, Royal Wulff. Nymphs: Damsel Nymph, GRHE. Wet Flies: Woolly Bugger.

Extra Tips: Casting into the left corner on the dam wall up against the vegetation often produces good fish.

Rainbow's Lie

Rainbows Lie Millstream South AfricaRainbows Lie is a beautiful shallow, weedy weir with lots of fish activity. The weir almost turns into stream as it narrows close to the weir above it, Little Pool.

When To Fish? Late afternoon and in low light conditions produce the best angling, with bright wet flies or dark dry flies.

What Flies Work? Dry Flies: White Wulff, Adams, RAB. Nymphs: Damsel Nymph, GRHE. Wet Flies: Woolly Bugger, Zulu, Fritz.

Extra Tips: On murky or overcast days this can be a very good weir to fish, the Trout in this weir seem to prefer low light and often do not feed during sunny conditions.

Little Pool

Little Pool MillstreamI have never seen a fish or caught one in this weir, it is small and shallow, and I have often watched the weir for 30 minutes or so and seen no signs of life except for the odd freshwater crab and dragon fly. This weir is puzzling. There has to be fish in it. Little Pool is quite deep but as mentioned above no signs of fish. Even in the catch record books that the cottages have, I cannot find any records of a fish being caught in this weir!

Little Falls

Little Falls Millstream South AfricaLittle Falls is named after the small weir where the water rushes in, as it resembles a very small waterfall. Little Falls is a beautiful weir with good fish to be caught.

When To Fish: Little Falls produces fish normally from mid morning to early evening, have struggled to catch Trout early morning here.

What Flies Work? Dry Flies: Deer Hair Caddies, Royal Wulff. Nymphs: GRHE, San Juan Worm. Wet Flies: Woolly Bugger, Woolly Worm.

Extra Tips: Fish the edges of this weir for the best results and the fish normally hang around the inlet.

Jackson's Joint

Jackson's Joint MillstreamFrom my fly fishing experience at Millstream, Jackson's Joint has been the most disappointing weir, in terms of getting the fish to take a fly. Its strange as the weirs above and below Jackson's Joint fish very well, don't know why this could be...

When To Fish: Had the best success here from 4pm onwards.

What Flies To Use: Dry Flies: DDD. Nymph: GRHE. Wet Fly: Woolly Bugger.

Extra Tips:

Ferreira's Find

Ferreira's Find Millstream South AfricaFerreira's Find is a lovely weir with a relaxing atmosphere and easy access all around the weir. The bank, which is slanted, can be used to sit down and fish from after a lot of walking.

When To Fish? Ferreira's can be fished throughout the day and fishes surprisingly well in the heat of the day, where the fish will take a dry fly without thinking twice.

What Flies To Use? Dry Fly: DDD, Grey Duster, Adams, Light Cahill. Nymph: Flashback. Wet Fly: Woolly Bugger, Fritz, Red Eye Damsel.

Extra Tips: The fish can be very active, rising throughout the day and if they do not take a dry fly try a flashback nymph fished 1 foot below the surface, they often take it on the drop.

Jordan's Fancy

Jordan's Fancy Millstream South AfricaJordan's Fancy is a consistent weir that normally has plenty of fish up to 800 grams stocked. Its in a wilder area of the farm and is really a relaxing weir to fish, besides the natural beauty and abounding birdlife around the weir.

When To Fish: This is an early morning and early evening weir, where the fish are very active.

What Flies To Use? Dry Flies: DDD, Light Cahill, Goddard's Sedge, White Wulff. Nymphs: San Juan Worm, GRHE. Wet Flies: Woolly Bugger, Zulu, Fritz.

Extra Tips: The bottom of the weir is often very weedy so play your fish carefully and try keep them out of the weed if possible.

Canterbury Pond

Canterbury Pond Millstream South AfricaCanterbury Pond is my second favourite weir and I really enjoy fishing this small body of water. It is the first weir in the Millstream system and is fed by a waterfall coming out from a natural spring.

When To Fish: Canterbury Pond fishes well throughout the day and can be fished during any time or any conditions.

What Flies To Use? Dry Fly: Adams, DDD, Light Cahill, Royal Coachman. Nymphs: N/A. Wet Flies: Woolly Bugger, Zonker, Red Eye Damsel.

Extra Tips: The best spot to fish is off the wall, cast straight out to where the weir narrows. Keep very still and quiet when fishing here in order to have the best success.

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