Common Rock Catfish (Austroglanis sclateri) Photos & Information

Common Rock Catfish (Klip Barber)The Rock Catfish (Common Rock Catfish) is an unusual looking freshwater fish but is caught quite often on various angling techniques. It is known well in South Africa by it's Afrikaans name "Klip Barber". The Common Rock Catfish occurs throughout the Vaal, Orange, Olifants and Limpopo river systems and grows to lengths of about 40 centimeters, although the average length of fully grown Klipbarber is 30 centimeters. This is the most common species of Rock Catfish that occur in South Africa. The Common Rock Catfish is related to the Sharptooth Catfish (Barbel).

The Common Rock Catfish prefers rocky areas in fast flowing water or in rapids where they stay close to the rocks where they find their main prey, small crabs and insects. The larger Rock Catfish have also been known to prey on small fish. As most Catfish species are this fish is opportunistic and will take anything that comes their way.

Common Rock Catfish (Austroglanis sclateri)The Common Rock Catfish can be caught on fly fishing methods, baits; such as worms, grasshoppers and crabs and occasionally the Common Rock Catfish will take small Carp baits. If you are trying to catch this fish a small hook with earthworms under a big float fished in the rapids or amongst rocks in fast moving water will be the key to success. They are very aggressive feeders and will often swallow the bait/hook.

The Common Rock Catfish (Austroglanis sclateri -Klipbarber) can be identified by its weird appearance, downwards pointing mouth, whiskers, big pectoral fin, and its olive green colouration with spots present on the fish.