Ultimate SA Kob Lure: The Halco Hamma

Halco Hamma Suspending LureThe Halco Hamma casting and trolling lure is "a clear-bodied suspending casting lure designed for slow retrieve speeds, with an action that imitates a wounded bait fish. The Halco Hamma is supplied with easily inter-changeable bibs in two depths... The features on the Hamma include a weight transfer system for long accurate casts and chemically sharpened forged Mustad Treble hooks". The Halco Hamma is a great surf casting lure which has accounted for many Kob and Garrick caught in the surf. In my opinion it is one of the best Kob lures available today.






The Halco Hamma suspending lure is available in 3 sizes:

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Colours available: Halco Hamma Lure