What Is Micro Fishing/Angling & How It Works!

After fishing all types of facets the wonderful World of angling has to offer us as fisherman, from Carp to Fly Fishing to Rock and Surf and Offshore, I have found a form of angling I quite enjoy, a lot! It sounds strange I know, but read what I have to say and learn more about targeting miniature fish species with micro fishing tactics, you might get hooked!

What Is Micro Fishing?

Micro Fishing, by definition, is the angling art of targeting species of fish using a small hook, light line, small reels and light rods, and catching fish under the size of 25cm. A Micro Fishing trophy fish is the opposite of normal forms of angling and a trophy is regarded as a fish of 5cm's or less, because of how difficult they are to catch.

Micro Fishing is fast evolving into a popular type of sport fishing in North America and Europe and is becoming more popular in South Africa as the seasons pass. Micro Fishing was started by the Japanese and is currently very big all over Asia.

Why Fish For Small Fish?

A tough question to address... From the outside Micro Fishing might look easy, boring, pointless or as something children should be doing, many people have this opinion on Micro Fishing and I guess it is easy to view it like this. But if you give it a chance I am sure your opinions will change.

During many South African anglers lives, a species count of 40-50 is good going, if you are interested in targeting and catching species, which has always been my interest, you can catch 100's and even 1000's of fish species. At the time of writing this article the owner and founder of Sebile just caught his 700th fish specie, the last 6 species in his quest were all micro species, and he shares some information on how enjoyable and challenging it was. If you want to catch species, this is how to do it and I am slowly "evolving" into a micro angler, I just enjoy it so much!

More General Information

Micro Fishing, like most angling facets, has a variety of techniques that can be used, many of them unusual and innovative. When Micro Fishing you can fish anywhere and target the diverse aquatic life we have to offer here in South Africa. Freshwater and Saltwater, from small pools in dried up rivers, to the surf zone in oceans, you can fish any body of water no matter how small or large, generally these will hold fish.

Some anglers have already adopted this micro technique when catching live bait, and the great thing is you can apply this to game fish, reef fish and many others. Anything is possible in the World of Micro Fishing.