Rod Reel Lure Line Hooks & Tackle Reviews For The Fisherman

Fin Nor HMG Surf Rods Tackle ReviewsFish The Sea has taken up the task of compiling unbiased tackle reviews of various types of angling equipment available in South Africa. The reviews will be written up in a way that helps you, the fisherman, and will point out negatives and positives of the type of angling equipment discussed. The reviews will be set out in sections as listed below, and the name and model of the tackle involved will be listed under each heading. Please contact us for any advice or further questions. All the products below have been used and tested by us, any products you do not see have not been tried and tested.

Fishing Rod Reviews

Fishing Reel Reviews (Multipliers & Spinning)

Fishing Line Reviews (Monofilament, Fluorocarbon & Braid)

Fishing Lures (Hard Plastic Reviews)

Fishing Lures (Soft Plastic Reviews)