Coelacanth Latimeria chalumnae Eastern Cape Fish Research

Throughout this study this fish species will be called the Coelacanth or be called by it's scientific name Latimeria chalumnae. Please note that this research is conducted within the research area only. The research area is the Bushman's River Mouth to the Fish River Mouth, and the Bushman's, Kariega and Kasouga Rivers have also been included.

Fish The Sea Record : VACANT

Description & Identification Of The Coelacanth

A prehistoric fish that is unmistakeable.

Motivation For Studying The Coelacanth

I have always been fascinated by this fish. The fact that it was thought to be extinct for so long just increases my fascination. I thought I would incorporate this fish into the research study because of one unverified report of a juvenile caught from the shore in the Kasouga area. The fact that they were extinct for so long, makes me want to investigate this. What if some juvenile Coelacanth could be growing in the underwater caves and rocky deep reefs off the shore in this area? I think one thing I have learned about angling is, nothing is impossible. So hopefully I can bring some light to this subject.

Coelacanth Latimeria chalumnae Recordings Before 2012 (Before Research Officially Started)

The tables below show the findings for this fish before the research (Table below) and from when the research officially started (Next table down). All fish in the tables were released, unless specified. The headings for the tables are self explanatory and pictures have been included where possible for the pre-2012 research and every recording has been pictured in the current research. Where there is a NR in the table, this refers to the fact that information was not recorded. Pressure in the second table refers to the Barometric Pressure. Habitat refers to the depth and structure where the fish was caught. The date is when the fish was caught. Bait refers to what bait the fish was caught on. Size is measured in CM - centimeters. To find where the locations and GPS points are where the fish was caught please visit this page.

Location Date Size Bait Habitat Time Verified Picture
Kasouga 1997 48cm NR NR NR No NR

Coelacanth Latimeria chalumnae Recordings From 2012 To Present (During Research Period)

Location Date Size Tagged Tide Time Sea Pressure Habitat Picture

Coelacanth Latimeria chalumnae Area Distribution

Learn More about the areas here. Below is a map of the coastline that makes up the 60 kilometer stretch. Markings (The yellow circles) on the map indicate where the Coelacanth has been recorded in the area. Please click the map below to enlarge it and see it on a better scale.


Coelacanth Latimeria chalumnae Information, Findings, Observations & Knowledge Gained On The Species

What I will be trying to find out: Habits -depth, food, Habitat, Other specie interactions, size, weather preference, conclusions, other info found, tagging results, future of species in the area.