Names Of Special Places Along The Area Researched & Studied - Eastern Cape Place Names Along the Beaches

A lot of the more well known areas that we will be fishing during the research period have been named over the years or even nicknamed, and the name just stood. To get a better idea of the areas that will be covered, please have a look at the maps here. There are 4 research areas which can be seen at the link above and these research areas will be mentioned in the table as well, rivers are excluded from place names as GPS points will be given for the exact places where fish have been caught or identified. The places will be listed (In no particular order) below, along with GPS points. As the research goes along there will be a map on this page of the exact locations of the spot and what they look like... Areas that have been named by us will have an asterisk next to them in the table below. The names of these areas will be mentioned frequently in the research in other parts of this website and in the PDF book. * refers to a place named by Fish The Sea *

Name Area GPS Points Photograph
Bushman's River Mouth Area 1 S 33°41'35.25"
E 26°39'52.54"
Bushmans River Mouth
Bat's Cave Area 1 S 33°41'44.31"
E 26°39'56.23"
Bat's Cave
The Rocking Horse Area 1 S 33°41'42.70"
E 26°40'01.65"
The Rocking Horse
Mermaid's Pool Area 1 S 33°41'38.25"
E 26°40'15.15"
Blue Pool Area 1 S 33°41'30.98"
E 26°40'26.48"
Blue Pool
Whales Back Area 1 S 33°41'25.60"
E 26°40'36.70"
Whales Back
Kariega River Mouth Area 1 S 33°40'55.81"
E 26°41'06.41"
Kariega River Mouth
Kariega Rocks Area 1 S 33°40'56.72"
E 26°41'17.51"
Kariega Rocks
High Rocks Area 1 S 33°40'52.89"
E 26°41'43.01"
High Rocks, Kariega, Eastern Cape
*Stumpy Bay Area 1 S 33°39'42.90"
E 26°43'49.55"
Ogilvie's Area 1 S 33°39'42.90"
E 26°43'49.55"
Ogilvie's, Kasouga
Jimmy's Bay Area 1 S 33°39'34.61"
E 26°43'56.79"
Jimmy's Bay at High Tide
Ship Rock Area 2 S 33°38'56.09"
E 26°45'32.81"
Ship Rock, Kasouga
Piano Rock Area 2 S 33°39'01.75"
E 26°45'20.32"
Piano Rocks, Kasouga Beach
The Wreck Area 2 S 33°38'21.96"
E 26°47'32.37"
Fish River Surf Area 3 S 33°29'56.60"
E 27°08'03.24"
Fish River Point Area 3 S 33°30'15.10"
E 27°08'02.24"
Fish River Point
Roman Bay Area 3 S 33°31'50.04"
E 27°04'57.83"
Roman Rocks Area 3 S 33°31'56.91"
E 27°04'38.06"
Roman Rocks, Kleinemonde
Kleinemonde Point Area 3 S 33°33'06.60"
E 27°02'31.09"
Kleinemonde Point
*Riet Reef Area 3 S 33°33'37.87"
E 27°01'21.42"
Three Sisters Area 3 S 33°33'30.75"
E 27°01'47.65"
Kasouga Rivers S 33°39'12.07"
E 26°44'02.19"
Kasouga River
Kleinemonde West Rivers S 33°32'27.81"
E 27°02'38.30"
Kleinemonde West Blind River
Kleinemonde East Rivers S 33°32'20.53"
E 27°02'47.89"