Fish Species Research & Recordings Between Bushman's & Fish River - Kenton, Kleinemonde, Kasouga, Port Alfred

Cape Stumpnose - Fish The Sea ResearchThe main goal of this Eastern Cape coastal research project focuses around the fish species of the area; their habits, growth, maximum sizes, depth selection, vulnerability, habitat, preferred food and recording information on new species, rare species and adding valuable data to current information. This page is where all the fish species that have been identified in this area can be viewed in the table below. Below is a list of the fish that occur from the Bushman's River Mouth to the Fish River Mouth. Learn more about these areas in the research here. Every fish listed below will be studied and a lot of information will be available to you. Enjoy and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. All information is accurate and to the point, if it is not accurate or verified it will be mentioned. To work out the weight of the fish, the SASAA tables were used. The records of the fish were all recorded within the research area. These records have all been verified by myself.

The fish species of the Kenton, Port Alfred and Fish River areas listed below are species that have been caught from the shore, if a fish you are familiar with in the area is not listed below, please contact me.

All Fish Species Recorded In The Research Area To Date. Please Click A Fish Name To See It's Full Bio & Information

Fish Common Name Current Record
African Longfin Eel 0.5kg's
Agile Klipfish 0.1kg's
Aimee's Goby 0.2kg's
Baardman -
Banded Galjoen 0.7kg's
Barehead Goby -
Bartail Flathead 1kg
Black Musselcracker 7kg's
Black Seacatfish 0.3kg's
Blackhand Sole -
Blacktail 2kg's
Blacktip Kingfish 0.2kg's
Blue Kurper 1.1kg's
Blue Ray 25kg's
Bluntnose Klipfish 0.1kg's
Bronze Bream 4.2kg's
Bronze Whaler 10kg's
Brown Ray -
Brown Shyshark 1.5kg's
Cape Stumpnose 1.2kg's
Cape Moony 0.5kg's
Cape Silverside 0.1kg's
Cape Sole -
Catface Rockcod 0.6kg's
Coelacanth 48cm
Diamond Ray 40kg's
Estuarine Pipefish -
Estuarine Round Herring -
Evileyed Puffer 0.2kg's
Flathead Mullet 0.7kg's
Fransmadam 0.3kg's
Freshwater Mullet 0.2kg's
Galjoen -
Garrick 1.8kg's
Geelbeck 1kg
Giant Kingfish -
Grass Klipfish 0.1kg's
Grey Shark -
Groovy Mullet -
Honeycomb Moray Eel -
John Brown 0.3kg's
Kappie Blenny -
Knysna Sand Goby -
Kob, Dusky 45.7kg's
Kob, Silver 1kg
Koester Rockcod 0.5kg's
Largescale Mullet -
Leopard Catshark -
Lesser Sandshark 8kg's
Longarm Mullet -
Maasbunker -
Natal Moony -
Natal Stumpnose 2.5kg's
Oldman Klipfish 0.1kg's
Pickhandle Barracuda -
Pike Conger 0.5kg's
Pinky 0.5kg's
Prison Goby 0.1kg's
Ragged Tooth Shark 177kg's
Red Fingers 0.4kg's
Rippled Klipfish 0.1kg's
River Bream 0.2kg's 
River Goby 0.1kg's
River Snapper 0.5kg's
Robust Klipfish 0.2kg's
Russell's Snapper 0.1kg's
Sand Steenbras 0.6kg's
Sergeant Major 0.2kg's
Shad 2kg's
Smoothound Shark 0.3kg's
Southern Mullet 0.3kg's
Spotted Grunter 2.5kg's
Spotted Gully Shark 13.4kg's
Springer 1.9kg's
Steentjie -
Stonebream 2.2kg's
Strepie 0.7kg's
Striped Mullet 0.3kg's
Super Klipfish 0.1kg's
Thornfish 0.3kg's
Tiger Shark 5kg's
Twotone Fingerfin 0.4kg
White Musselcracker 0.6kg's
White Seacatfish 1.1kg's
White Steenbras 11kg's
White Stumpnose 0.1kg's
Whitespotted Rabbitfish -
Yellowbelly Rockcod 0.7kg's
Zambezi Shark 80kg's
Zebra 2.1kg's