Photo's & Info Of South Africa's Prison Goby Caffrogobius gilchristi

The Prison Goby (Caffrogobius gilchristi) is a species from the Gobidae family and is one of the more common Goby species along the Southern African coast line, from Mozambique to Cape Town. The Prison Goby is a saltwater fish species and can attain lengths of up to 17cm's.

General & Interesting Information On The Prison Goby

The male Prison Goby seems to grow a bit larger than the female and these Gobies seem to be fairly residential and slightly territorial. Not much is known about the Prison Goby but I enjoy catching and studying them and have found they are omnivorous and occur in tidal zones, tidal pools, estuaries and even blind rivers, where they seem to thrive. They can be found along areas with rocky bottoms and ledges, natural or artificial (They are quite fond of bridges).

Photo's Of The Prison Goby

Fully mature male Prison Goby Very strangely coloured Prison Goby
Prison Goby general appearance Average size of prison goby