Circle Hooks Vs. J Hooks - What Is Better For The Fish?

Circle Hooks Vs J Hooks which are better?When talking about conservation in angling, it is very difficult to say a certain technique or a certain bait is better than the other. The same goes with what hooks work better for what fish. In this article Warren Potts, a senior lecturer at Rhodes in the Department of Ichthyology and Fisheries Science, demonstrates the impact circle and j hooks have on the fish, and the summary can be seen on the left (Please click the image to make it larger).

Circle Hooks and J HooksWhen it comes to fish safety and releasing fish, circle hooks are definitely the way to go, but in the end it does come down to personal preference. I hate gut-hooking fish so I use circles wherever I can, but some saltwater fish species can be tougher to catch on circles for some reason, possibly because of the way they feed. And the element of striking a fish to set the hook is missing when it comes to fishing with a circle hook: because when a fish bites on a circle hook you tighten up your drag and lift into the fish opposed to setting the hook by sharply and quickly lifting the rod. If you do the latter with a circle hook you will catch 1 fish out of 10 or so.

If you are fishing rocky areas circle hooks could be the answer to help you loose less tackle, this also adds to conservation in a positive way. All in all, if you want to "fish for the future" the circle hook is definitely the way to go...