Chemically Sharpened Hooks - The Process & How They Work

Diachii chemically sharp hooksMany anglers in South Africa are very fond of chemically sharpened hooks, as you know the sharper your hook, the better! Many anglers are shocked at the prices of name brand chemically sharpened hooks; the price is due to the quality of the material used to manufacture the hook. This will be discussed in length in the article below...

Diagram of parts of the fishing hookThe process of how a hook is chemically sharpened is much longer. After the hook is made it is heat treated and then the hook goes through a process where a chemical “attacks” the surface of the hook. The point of the hook, as it is thinner, is affected heavily, thus sharpening the point. The chemical process improves the point of the hook, as it eats away at the metal. This part of the process is very important, because if the chemically treatment goes on for too long, it will actually blunt the point end of the hook. This will weaken the barb and even the shank of the hook, causing it to break on your fish of a lifetime! Chemically sharpening a hook will not make a weak point into a stronger point; in fact it will make it weaker. This is why, if you decide to purchase chemically sharpened hooks, spend the extra money to get brands such as Owner, VMC, Diachii, Gamakatsu and Mustad; you cannot go wrong with these hooks. The cheaper brands of hooks are more likely to break after the chemical sharpening process. The better quality the hook, the better the hook will be for you. I have used Penn hooks recently that have been chemically sharpened and I have found they are great. Very strong shank, barb and point, and they are about half the price of Gamakatsu. Give them a try if you are not willing to pay the amount the other brands ask for.

The process of sharpening hooks using chemicals leaves you with a better opportunity to hook fish, and once the fish is hooked, for it to stay hooked until you release it.

RAPALA VMC HooksIf you are targeting larger edibles such as Musselcracker, Kob, Garrick and other game fish species from the shore, I would advise you to use the Gamakatsu Octopus hooks, or the Owner circle hooks. Superb quality and they will not let you down. When targeting sharks and other non edibles I would say that Mustad and Diachii are personally the brands I would use every time. The smaller Diachii’s and Penn hooks are great for targeting small edibles and reef fish, and the smaller hooks are very affordable and worth the money!

Keep those hooks sharp!