Millstream Fly Fishing - Thistle Pond

Millstream South Africa Thistle PondThistle Pond is the first of 3 "ponds" as they are called, above Lake Millstream. It is a beautiful crystal clear body of water that fishes very well with the average size Rainbow being caught of about 600 grams. You can sight fish Thistle Pond from the dam wall bank. The bottom of Thistle Pond is weedy in most places and the Trout often hang around on the edges of these weed beds close to the dam wall, and further back up against the reeds. It can be very productive on windy days.

When To Fish Thistle Pond?

Thistle Pond fishes well from late morning to mid afternoon, and these are generally the best times to fish here.

Where To Fish Thistle Pond?

All along the bank of Thistle Pond produces fish, from the outlet, to the shallow corner. Far casts, close casts, the fish are all over this dam.

Thistle Pond - Millstream South AfricaWhat Flies Work?

Dry Fly: Royal Wulff, DDD, White Wulff, Grey Duster, RAB.

Wet Fly: Woolly Bugger, Red Eye Damsel, Walkers Killer, Mrs Simpson, Zonker, Fritz, Woolly Worm.

Nymphs: Green Buzzer, GRHE, Flashback, San Juan Worm, Bloodworm, Damsel Nymph, PTN, Montana Nymph.

What Techniques Work?

All techniques of Fly Fishing work well in Thistle Pond, in all honesty it fishes very similar to the weir system. Dry flies work well in the corners of Thistle Pond, as do Nymphs and wet flies work well when retrieved quickly over the weed beds below.

Extra Tips For Thistle Pond

When the wind is behind you and the fish are off the bite, use a small Olive GRHE or Flashback nymph, feed line and let it drift all the way to the reeds on the other side, works every time!

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