Millstream Fly Fishing - Water Cricket Pond

Water Cricket Pond is my favourite of the 3 ponds in Millstream to fish. The other 2 ponds being Thistle and Whirligig. It is a really tranquil body of water and it is a pleasure to fish it. Water Cricket is the smallest of the 3 ponds, but definitely the most beautiful and often most sheltered from the wind. There is a lot of natural food items available in this pond and the Rainbow Trout here are strong and good fighters.

Water Cricket Pond Millstream Fly FishingWhen To Fish Water Cricket Pond?

Water Cricket Pond can be fished all through out the day, but generally fishes better in the warmer hours between 1pm and 3pm.

Where To Fish Water Cricket Pond?

There are 2 good places to fish Water Cricket Pond. The first one is right in the middle of the dam wall and the second spot is in front of the bench in front of the cottage on the right hand side bank (Pictured above).

What Flies Work?

The only flies I use in this dam are the Olive GRHE and the Woolly Bugger (Black and Red).

What Techniques Work?

When fishing the GRHE just let the fly drift around, and generally as it gets closer to the bank you will get a strike. With the Woolly Bugger, let the fly sink right to the bottom and then retrieve it with short medium to fast pulls.

Extra Tips For Water Cricket Pond

When the wind makes it impossible to fish anywhere else in Millstream, generally this spot will be sheltered.

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