Millstream Fly Fishing - Whirligig Waters

Whirligig Waters is in the middle of the 3 ponds in Millstream, the other 2 being Thistle and Water Cricket.

Whirligig Waters Millstream DullstroomWhen To Fish Whirligig?

Whirligig is best fished from late afternoon into the evening, the fish are very active during this period.

Where To Fish Whirligig?

Whirligig's best spot is just to the left of the brick sign if you are facing the water while standing on the dam wall. You can have a lot of fun at this spot as the fish seem to hold and feed quite actively at this particular spot.

What Flies Work?

Dry Fly: Royal Wulff, DDD, RAB.

Wet Fly: Woolly Bugger, Fritz, Woolly Worm.

Nymphs: GRHE, Flashback.

What Techniques Work?

All techniques of Fly Fishing work well in Whirligig Waters Pond, in all honesty it fishes very similar to the weir system. Dry flies work well in the corners of the Pond, as do Nymphs and wet flies work well when retrieved quickly over the weed beds below.

Extra Tips For Whirligig

If you are struggling to get a fish here, try fish the shallows of the western part of Whirligig with a small dry fly, you should get the fish to rise.

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