Fly Fishing For Wild Trout In Rhodes Eastern Cape

In 2004, I had the opportunity to go on an amazing fishing adventure, fly fishing for wild trout! It had been my fly fishing dream up until this point and it is all I think about now, I am so keen to fly fish for those wild Rainbows and Browns once more.

We stayed at a place called Walkabouts in the Rhodes area, was a lovely place, but the fishing was even better. It was a long time ago but I will never forget some of the fish I caught, techniques I learnt, and the beauty and tranquility of fishing a piece of shallow, crystal clear wild river: wading to the holes, site fishing at rising Trout, it was magical.

It was a while back but I remember hooking into an Egyptian Goose, it actually flew towards my dry fly and as it landed tried to eat it. It was safely released with no injury, strangely enough the guide I was fishing with said that at this specific spot this had happened to him numerous times previously.

We had 2 and a half days of superb fishing and from what I can remember I caught 40 fish or so, 30 of them on the last day. I caught my first Brown Trout here as well.

Roll casting, drifting nymphs over holes and casting dry flies up stream, what an amazing experience.

Tackle that I used varied between 3 and 4 weight rods, I only fished floating line and the flies that did the most damage were the GRHE, Flashback Nymph, Yellow Humpy and the Royal Wulff, sorry about the picture quality, actually found these last night and scanned them...

My First Brown Trout - Gareth Roocroft Wild Rhodes Rainbow Trout
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Nymphing techniques at Rhodes in Eastern Cape SA Wild Rhodes Rainbow Trout River Fly Fishing