South African Strepie (Karanteen) Photographs & Pictures

The Karanteen, well known in South Africa as the Strepie or Karo, is a beautiful saltwater fish species and was actually the first saltwater fish I caught a long time a go. The Karanteen (Strepie) can be a fun fish to catch on light tackle in gullies and tidal pools... The Strepie (Karanteen) is also one of the best baits you can use, live or dead, for fish such as Kob, Shad and Black Musselcracker. Please just remember the size and bag limits of this fish. Please see images and photo's of the Karanteen (Strepie) below...

Read more about South Africa's Karanteen (Strepie) here...

How To Catch Strepie

Strepie (Karanteen) caught in the Eastern Cape Strepie (Karanteen) caught in a tidal pool
Small Strepie (Karanteen) caught on a chokka bait Beautiful Karanteen (Strepie) safely released
Large Karanteen (Strepie) in good condition Close up of a Karanteen (Strepie)
Karanteen in a rock pool Gareth Roocroft with a Karanteen (Strepie)
Large 30cm Strepie (Karanteen) Strepie (Karanteen, Karo, Steentjie)
Karanteen (Strepie) Aimee Harvey with a Karanteen (Strepie)
Small Karanteen caught in river dECENT SIZE sTREPIE CAUGHT OFF THE ROCKS
Small Karanteen (Strepie) Good size Karanteen caught off the bricks (Strepie)
River Strepie (Karanteen) Karanteen caught off the rocks