Fishing Kosi Bay Mouth - Fish Species, Spots & Reports

Kosi Bay Mouth and estuary fishingKosi Bay is a well known angling area on the Northern KwaZulu Natal coast line and is situated in the ISimangaliso Wetland Park, part of the Greater St Lucia World Heritage Site in Zululand and Maputaland. Kosi Bay is more well known for its crystal clear lakes and ocean and the many fish traps that run throughout the 3 lake system. This page will focus on the fishing at the Kosi Bay Mouth and Estuary.

Fishing In Kosi Bay Mouth & Estuary

Kosi Bay MouthFishing in the Kosi Bay Mouth is very good. The mouth is basically divided into 2 sections, the northern side (On the left) and the southern side (On the right). Fishing in the Kosi Bay Mouth surf areas can be quite tough during daylight hours and the best angling is normally between 3pm and 10am. Between this period fishing can be extremely difficult because of the clarity of the water and the numerous swimming crabs in the surf zone. During this time, fishing the rocks on the southern side of the Kosi Bay mouth can prove rewarding, but generally the best fishing Kosi Bay Mouth rocks on southern sideanywhere in the surf is during the early morning, late afternoon and evening, especially for species such as the Giant Sandshark, Giant Kingfish, Blacktip Shark and Daga Salmon (Dusky Kob). On the northern beach there are a few good holes for sliding live baits for the non edible species (Ragged Tooth Shark, Giant Guitarfish, Honeycomb Ray, Diamond Ray, Brown Skate, Blackfin Shark, Zambezi Shark, Tiger Shark), which even include the Java Shark and lots of sandy patches where one can scratch for edibles like the Wave Garrick, Natal Stumpnose, , Pompano, Bonefish and various Kingfish species amongst others. On the southern rocks you can find many reef species here such as Speckled Snapper, Red Snapper, Blacktail, Lemonfish, Panga, Cavebass, and many more... The best baits to use in the Kosi Bay Mouth are Bonito, Mackerel, Yellowtail, Pink Prawn, Chokka, Red Eye, Sardine and Ghost Crab.

Estuary fishing in Kosi BayFishing in the Kosi Bay estuary can be tough but rewarding. Lure fishing and the use of artificials can catch a variety of fish in the estuary. Spoons, diving lures, dropshot minnows and fly fishing techniques will give you the opportunity to catch: Grunter, Barracuda, Kingfish, Blue Emperor, Lizardfish, Bartail Flathead. Using bait such as Ghost Crab, Mussel, Pink Prawn can catch you fish like Smallscale Pursemouth, Natal Stumpnose and Kob.

Fish Species In Kosi Bay Mouth & Estuary

Below is a list of fish species you are likely to catch in the Kosi Bay Mouth surf area...

Below is a list of fish species you are likely to catch in the Kosi Bay estuary system: