South African Tiger Fishing Dam - Lake Jozini - Pongolapoort Dam

Lake Jozini, formerly known as the Pongolapoort Dam, is located in the northern part of the KwaZulu Natal Province in South Africa and is well known for it's excellent Tiger Fishing. The main purpose of Jozini, when it was built in 1973, was as an irrigation arch-type dam, but it has become one of the most popular angling freshwater spots in South Africa.

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Jozini is 16 000 hectares in size and the conditions, weather and the dam is very similar to that of Lake Kariba.

Jozini Photo Gallery

Below are pictures of fish caught at Jozini, as well as the lake and scenery of Jozini, formerly Pongolapoort Dam.

Lake Jozini Jozini Dam
Sunset over Jozini Lake 1kg Jozini Tigerfish
Catching tigerfish at jozini Big Jozini Barbel
Small juvenile tigerfish at Jozini Dam Red Breast Tilapia (Jozini Bream species)
Tiger fishing off a boat in Jozini Dam Boating at the Jozini Gorge
Fish Eagle Camp Lake Jozini Jozini Lake fish species - tank goby
Jozini Tigerfish takes a fly Nile Kurper (Tilapia) in Jozini Dam
1kg Tigerfish caught in Lake Jozini