Lake Jozini Fish Species List | Fish That Can Be Caught In Jozini

Lake Jozini, is a haven for many types of freshwater fish species and has to be one of the most diverse bodies of water in Southern Africa, there has been no confirmed species list of fish that occur in Jozini, so this is our Jozini fish species list, these fish either occur in the dam or are likely to be found in certain areas close to the inlet, the gorge and some hard to reach spots.

Below, in no particular order, are all the fish species you might catch or encounter at Lake Jozini, formerly Pongolapoort Dam:

  1. Tigerfish
  2. Sharptooth Catfish (Barbel)
  3. Mozambique Tilapia (Blue Kurper)
  4. Red Breast Tilapia (Red Breast Kurper)
  5. Blunttooth Catfish
  6. Bulldog
  7. African Longfin Eel
  8. African Mottled Eel
  9. River Sardine
  10. Southern Barred Minnow
  11. Chubbyhead Barb
  12. Redtail Barb
  13. Shortfin Barb
  14. Longbeard Barb
  15. Bowstripe Barb
  16. Beira Barb
  17. Threespot Barb
  18. Straightfin Barb
  19. Plump Barb
  20. KwaZulu Natal Yellowfish
  21. Bushveld Smallscale Yellowfish
  22. Lowveld Largescale Yellowfish
  23. Incomati Chiselmouth
  24. Tugela Mudfish
  25. Rednose Mudfish
  26. Silver Labeo
  27. Purple Labeo
  28. Redeye Labeo
  29. Leaden Labeo
  30. Common Carp
  31. Mirror Carp
  32. Common Goldfish (Introduced by negligent anglers in the 80's and 90's when they would bring them with to use as live bait for tiger fish)
  33. Imberi
  34. Silver Robber
  35. Silver Catfish (Makriel)
  36. Lowveld Suckermouth
  37. Brown Squeaker
  38. Largemouth Bass
  39. Southern Mouthbrooder (Dwarf Kurper)
  40. Nembwe
  41. Banded Tilapia (Vlei Kurper)
  42. Nile Tilapia (Nile Kurper)
  43. Israeli Tilapia (Israeli Kurper)
  44. Smalltooth Sawfish
  45. Tank Goby
  46. Southern Churchill