The Rocking Horse Angling Spot, Kenton On Sea South Africa

The Rocking Horse SurfThe Rocking Horse, next to Bat's Cave, is a lovely fishing spot that allows you to fish close in reefs and gullies and deep water drop offs. The Rocking Horse is in Kenton On Sea and can be reached from the Kenton side of the Bushman's Beach parking lot. The Rocking Horse used to be an amazing fishing spot, but unfortunately it has been heavily over fished by holiday makers. Now it is more of a "hit or miss" angling venue. Unfortunately I have seen so many big Bronze Bream, Blacktail, Stone Bream, Kob, Musselcracker and Shad being kept it's not even funny... The fact that there are still some big fish around is a surprise.

The Rocking Horse Kenton On SeaThe Rocking Horse gets it's name from the shape of the rocks on it's main point that actually resemble a children's wooden rocking horse. It is best fished on a spring low tide and can be a very dangerous spot on the high tide and during neap. Solid footwear should be worn, and you need to have good experience to fish off these rocks. I have seen many people fall and cut themselves here and some have been lucky not to get washed away!

Red Fingers At the Rocking HorseThe array of smaller species and juvenile fish are still present here and wonderful to catch and see. Natural baits are the way to go at this spot, worms, sand prawn, periwinkle and black mussel are the best baits to use. This is mainly an edible/reef fish spot, but I have seen Bronze Whalers and Grey Sharks being landed here. Please be careful at this spot and please practice catch and release as much as you can here...