The Boknes Blind River In The Eastern Cape

The Boknes River, close to the towns of Cannon Rocks, Boknes, Alexandria and Kenton-on-sea, is a blind river, which rarely opens to the sea. The Boknes is not a very wide or long river and is very salty. It plays a vital role in the life cycle of the Sand Prawn, which can be found in abundance in this estuary and blind river.

Sand prawn in boknes blind river eastern capeWhen the Boknes river opens and closes, many fish species get trapped in the Boknes river and these fish can survive in the system until it opens again, then they will move out of the river back in to the sea. There are not a lot of fish in this river from my studies and exploration done here. Besides the bird life, crustacean and marine life in and around the river, these are some of the fish species one can expect to find in the Boknes blind river: