Fishing Blind Rivers & Estuaries With Lures & Bait - Fish The Sea!

This video from Fish The Sea SA, features some exciting angling done in the Eastern Cape, South Africa... The video shows some of the lures we decided to use, their actions, pumping for sand and mud prawn and then how to bait them up. Then we get to the fishing action in the Kariega River estuary, the Kasouga and Kleinemonde blind rivers and shows us catching some smaller fish on bait - Zebra, Cape Stumpnose and Russell's Snapper (Watch for the 2 Garrick that chase it), and then most exciting of all a 50cm Dusky Kob caught on bucktail jig by Gavin Erwin.

Please view our latest HD angling videos here, we upgraded our equipment and camera software in 2018, or by clicking the image below.

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