Kleinemonde East & Kleinemonde West Blind River Fish & Fishing

The small town of Kleinemonde, 15kms from Port Alfred towards East London, boasts 2 of the most important blind rivers in South Africa, namely, the Kleinemonde West and The Kleinemonde East. These 2 blind rivers play an important role in many aquatic species life's and they are some of the most diverse rivers an angler could wish to explore.

The 2 rivers should be explored on foot and paddle ski for an anglers best results. I urge everyone who fishes these 2 beautiful blind rivers to release the fish they catch, as the rivers do not open very often and something special is happening at Kleinemonde! The Kleinemonde East river opens more frequently than the West, and generally there are more fish in the East river. The rivers average 1-2 meters deep but there are some deep holes in certain spots. All the fish species that occur in the river that Fish The Sea has identified can be found listed below:

Fish Species That Occur In The Kleinemonde East & West Rivers

  1. Kob
  2. Garrick
  3. Springer
  4. White Steenbras
  5. Spotted Grunter
  6. Cape Stumpnose
  7. Natal Stumpnose
  8. Cape Moony
  9. Natal Moony
  10. Maasbunker
  11. Zebra
  12. Blacktail
  13. Estuarine Pipefish
  14. White Sea Barbel
  15. Pinky
  16. Large Scale Mullet
  17. Long Arm Mullet
  18. Freshwater Mullet
  19. Flathead Mullet
  20. Groovy Mullet
  21. Karanteen
  22. Blackhand Sole
  23. Mozambique Tilapia
  24. Knysna Sandgoby
  25. Southern Mullet
  26. River Goby
  27. Prison Goby
  28. Barehead Goby
  29. Cape Silverside
  30. Whitespotted Rabbitfish
  31. White Stumpnose
  32. Cape Sole
  33. Striped Mullet
  34. Estuarine Roundherring
  35. Zambezi Shark
  36. Shad
  37. Super Klipfish
  38. Grass Klipfish
  39. Blacktip Kingfish
  40. River Bream
  41. Rock Salmon