Kasouga Blind River Fishing & Fish Species

The town of Kasouga is in-between Kenton-on-sea and Port Alfred and offers great fishing and bait collection. Kasouga is a smallish town situated on the beach and river and has quite a lot of history. The fishing in the surf in this area is good, and the river fishing can be very tough, and the blind river is best explored by a paddle ski.

There are lots of species of fish in the Kasouga River, which only opens once every year or two. The river is very salty and the water temperature is generally quite warm. There are lots of sand prawn in the river and without a doubt the Kasouga River plays a vital role in these prawns life cycle. The fish species in the Kasouga tend to move around quite a lot, so a lot of hard work is needed in order to catch fish in this river. The following list below is of all the fish species we have identified in the Kasouga River: