RASSPL Nationals In The Eastern Cape

Very Winday Fishing DaySo, Aimee and I decided to head down to the Eastern Cape earlier than previously planned, so we had a bit of down time and leisure fishing before the RASSPL Nationals were set to start. We left on Saturday afternoon at about 4pm. The drive took us 12 hours due to lots of rain and the many stop and go’s on the route. There were quite a few dead animals on the road that must have been run over by the trucks on the road. There was a dead Aardwolf on the side of the road, it was quite sad as these animals are very rare and hardly ever seen. After we woke up a few hours after we arrived, we had a look at the conditions for possible fishing, and they were shocking… Gale force winds and on and off heavy spells of rain, so it was set to be a relaxing day.

Garrick, Leervis, caught on FlyThe next morning around about 7.30am I headed down to the Kariega River bridge with my fly fishing setup. After throwing a salty bugger for a while hoping for anything to latch on to it, I decide to put on a Clouser Minnow that a friend had given to me, 3rd cast and I was on, it went screaming off as it hit the Clouser and after 3 strong runs I finally brought it in, my first Garrick, and on fly, I was so happy and pumping with adrenaline. I removed the fly, the Garrick ate it quite deep, and then revived and released the gentleman of the sea. I finally can appreciate why they are called that, despites its small size. There is a lot of structure around and he fought me on top of the water and even moved away from the bridge structure. What a feeling!

The next day was beautiful and Aimee and I were off to the rocks, the water was very murky and had lots of colour, there was a lot of white water and weed present, so I expected fish to be around. After fishing Bats cave and the Rocking Horse, as well as fishing all the gullies in between. Not a touch. Was very disappointed.

White Musselcracker JuvenileMyself and Steven are flying the Ultimate Angling flag high, we are the only 2 members representing Gauteng, so it will be a tough ask to place anywhere near the top. Today we fished from Kleinemonde to Fish River and a lot of interesting things happened. Steve and myself were up at 5am and had our lines in just after start time at 6.30am. We were fishing Roman Bay, about 4kms from the Kleinemonde access point. It started off well, the fish were on the bite and I got a 27cm Blacktail and my first Brusher (27cm) besides the many Klipfish caught in-between (8 I 76cm Lesser Sandshark caught at RASSPL Nationalsthink) Steve managed to get 3 Lesser Sandsharks and a Spotted Gully Shark and I got a 76cm Lesser. We both dropped some very big fish unfortunately. We heard Boland got a 7kg White Steenbras and some Poenskop and we saw a monster Blacktail and a decent and a small Raggie come out as well.

Twotone Fingerfin 22cmToday was a shocker in terms of weather and fishing. We started walking just before 5 to Three Sisters, the rain was pouring, a gale was blowing and it was freezing. the rain and cold disappeared at around about 10am, then was pleasant until 12h30 when the wind blew even stronger and it got colder, was a tough day and more than half the anglers blanked completely. I managed a nice Zebra, 2 Blunt Nose Klipfishgood size Twotone Fingerfin and Barbel and Klipfish. Notable fish that came out today that I heard of were a 2kg Zebra, 7.4kg White Steenbras and a 45kg Kob which was safely released. Tomorrow is D-Day and we will be fishing at Kasouga, hope the fishing treats us well tomorrow!

Aimee Harvey 41cm White SteenbrasFinal day finished. Was a great experience and a lot was learned by myself and Steven. We set off early and walked left to a spot we have called the triangle (aka Ship Rock), because the water rushes out in a triangular formation. We had a lot of bites and on offs and got some small Steenbras, Barbel and Zebra. Aimee joined us today, she isn't part of the comp, but she got a beautiful Zebra and a 41cm White Steenbras.

A Video Slideshow Of The RASSPL Event