RASSPL June 2012 Event Results & Report Gauteng GT's At Kasouga

RASSPL Gauteng GT'sIt was the Gauteng GT's first RASSPL – Rock And Surf Super Pro League - competition of the season and we were fishing alongside the Kowie Crackers of Port Alfred. The venue was Kasouga in the Eastern Cape. It was a great opening league fishing day and it was a pleasure to have fished alongside the other Gauteng GT members who made the trek down to the Eastern Cape on very short notice: Myself, Aimee Harvey, Ashlyn Harvey, Craig Van Rensburg, J.R. Boonzaier, Brandon Parsons, Darryn Harvey and Gavin Erwin.

2kg Zebra caught by Gareth RoocroftWe registered and were off. The 8 of us headed towards Ship Rock but got distracted by the rolling banks and white water close by. The first cast of the day produced for most of us: Craig got a Sandshark, JR, Gavin & Ashlyn got a White Seacatfish each and I caught a Blacktail. After a few more Barbel we eventually made it to Ship Rock where we were into the fish straight away; Brown Shyshark, Zebra, Yellowbelly Rockcod, Stonebream, Klipfish. And then one of my most memorable moments happened. I had been fishing a gully that looked so promising for about 45 minutes and had no bites. I added to Sand Prawn, both rigged just through the tail and out of nowhere as it hit the water, I was pulled flat. My 9 foot Daiwa Exceller rod and Penn Powerspin 3000 reel was tested to the max. The reel was loaded with 10lb Double X, so my Exceller was well above my head to prevent me from getting cut off... The result: a 41cm Zebra, approximately 2 kilograms. It was the 6th heaviest edible of the day and was rewarded with a Penn Fierce 6000 Grinder. As I look back I get chills and goosebumps about that fish.

RASSPL walking to Ship Rock KasougaAll in all Gauteng put up a good show and we all had a great time. The others caught some great fish and had a good time. A lot of fish were caught that missed the weigh marks by a few millimeters. The day was tough overall for us, as the water was crystal clear. There were only a couple of anglers who walked left (Including all of us), the other 40+ all fished on the right. In hindsight it might of been better to fish on the right of Kasouga, but from my past experiences Ship Rock normally produces. Considering this was our first competition, I think we did well!

Here are where the Gauteng GT anglers placed in the comp:

Milestones for the Gauteng anglers:

JR and Brandon both won prizes in a lucky draw, with a RASSPL buff and a Fin Nor HMG heavy shark rod respectively. Fin Nor sponsored Gauteng's prizes at the competition...


Gallery From The Competition


Gareth Stonebream RASSPL Gavin Stonebream Rasspl Stonebream 0.7kgs RASSPL
Craig Shyshark RASSPL RASSPL Zebra 2kgs Gareth 40.5cm Zebra RASSPL
Darryn Klipfish RASSPL JR Shyshark RASSPL Yellowbelly Rockcod RASSPL
Gavin Rockcod RASSPL Ashlyn Blacktail 28cm RASSPL Ashlyn Blacktail RASSPL
Gareth first fish of day RASSPL Craig Dogshark RASSPL JR Sea Barbel RASSPL
  Craig Sandshark RASSPL  

Prize Giving (A huge thanks to Howard at Fin Nor for sponsoring prizes)

8th biggest edible wins fin nor reel 9th biggest edible wins fin nor 30 offshore reel Gareth Roocroft wins reel for 6th heaviest edible
Brandon wins a Fin Nor Rod Fin Nor sponsor of Gauteng GTs JR wins a RASSPL Buff