Unusual Findings In The Eastern Cape Research Project

Eels often swim in shallow water during night timeThis page will be used to state very strange findings and sightings that happen while the research is taking place. Below you will be able to read about all the strange events relating to the research project, whether it is about the actual fish species or if it is about weather conditions, sea life or anything that could be of interest and be perceived as unusual. Please keep this page bookmarked and I am sure you will find some of the accounts fascinating!

Accounts Of Strange Events, Sightings & Findings During Research

April 2012

A few interesting things were sighted during April while researching, 2 events that stood out were: A pod of around 1,000 Common Dolphins swimming in the breakers about 100 meters off of Ship Rock, was amazing to witness! I spotted a large shark in the clear water about 250 meters off The Rocking Horse. It was swimming close to the surface and must of been very big if I had a clear view of it from such a distance away. Find where these spots are.

December 2012

Aimee Harvey caught a species of Goby that is not recognised by science.

September 2013

Had lots of success catching Zebra in the Kariega River, and managed to get a 1.4 kg Striped Mullet out at bats Cave on light tackle that took a size 10 hook with a small piece of sardine. Managed to find a large congregation of at least 15 Brown Shysharks along the Kleinemonde coast line. Night time fishing is becoming really slow for some reason.

December 2013

Not much to report besides the fact that there were a few Fransmadam shoaling in the Whales Back area. On consecutive days, there was a pod of 2000 + Bottlenose Dolphins off the Rocking Horse.

February 2014

Red tide hit the area and killed off a lot of fish, I expect it will take a while for the fish and coral/reef areas to recover, if they do at all. We caught lots of Garrick in the blind rivers, and a juvenile shad, a very interesting trip overall with recordings of Thornfish and Russell's Snapper and Blue Kurper being made in the Kariega River. A Zambezi Shark of approximately 60-80 kgs was seen hunting and breaching in the Kleinemonde West river. In the east river we noticed a lot of dead mud crab. Night fishing still very slow, but managed a 26cm Cape Moony and an African Longfin Eel in the Kariega.