Areas & Distribution Where Fish The Sea's Eastern Cape Research Is Conducted

Since starting up this research project, a lot of possible areas were identified. It came down to a 60 kilometer stretch of the Eastern Cape coats between the Bushman's River Mouth and the Fish River mouth. Three rivers will also be included in the research, these rivers are very different and very diverse and play an important role in gathering research on juveniles and other fish species.

All maps below have been obtained from Google Earth...

In terms of measuring data and for the process of recording the data more accurately these areas being researched have been divided into 4 sections: Area 1, Area 2, Area 3 & the rivers and can be seen below...

Areas of research

Area 1 ... Bushman's River Mouth To Kasouga

This area is beautiful, and almost every part along this small stretch of coast line has fishing water, accompanied by lot's of fish and species. This area is the largest concern for me in terms of conservation; as many holiday areas fish this specific area to death! I have noticed a big decrease in the numbers of fish and certain species such as the Bronze Bream, White Steenbras and other reef fish. Please see the area pictured below.

Area 1 Start To End Research

Area 2 ... Kasouga To Port Alfred Outskirts

This stretch covers roughly 11 kilometers and has a few amazing, fairly under fished spots such as Ship Rock and The Wreck. A lot of focus will be done on these areas as well as the banks, reefs and areas in-between. There are some rare and unusual fish species that occur in these areas. Please see map pictured below:

Area 2 Kasouga - Port Alfred

Area 3 ... Port Alfred Wall Through Kleinemonde East & West To Fish River

This is the largest section of the three that will be researched, and it is also one of the quietest and natural areas. There are plenty of deep water drop offs, underwater caves and gullies to be researched and explored. This area holds a potential for very rare fish to occur. The map of the area is pictured below.

Area 3 Port Alfred Kleinemonde & Fish River

The Rivers ...

These Rivers include three rivers that are very close together, but very different from one another. They act as nursery grounds, breeding areas and holing areas for all sorts of fish and marine life. These areas will be investigated just as heavily as the surf zones and information and findings will hopefully be linked between the two. Please see the 2 images of the rivers below, one being of the Bushman's and Kariega Rivers, and one of the blind Kasouga. These rivers also include Kleinemonde, the 2 blind rivers.

Bushmans & Kariega Rivers Kasouga River (Blind)