Fishing At The Bushman's River Mouth & Estuary- Eastern Cape

Bushmans River Mouth

The Bushman's River Mouth and Estuary in the Eastern Cape town of Kenton-on-sea is a beautiful river and one of the longest navigatable rivers by boat from the sea in South Africa and has many rich fishing grounds and spots to test out. One of 2 river mouths in the area, the other being Kariega, more can be found out below...

The Bushman's River Mouth is a great place for a variety of species. In the summer months one can expect to find many non-eds around such as Lesser Sandshark, Diamond Ray, Blue Ray, Ragged Tooth Shark, Spotted Gully Shark and even Bushmans River FishingTiger Shark which have been caught fairly regularly in December/January. There are some opportunities for spinning and fly fishing in the mouth as well as Light Tackle Surf Fishing where species such as Shad, Garrick, Blacktail, Stumpnose, Steenbras, Grunter and Kob can be caught. There have even been instances of anglers catching fish such as Dageraad and Santer in the mouth which is very unusual.

Juvenile Garrick in the Bushmans RiverThe Bushman's River and Estuary is a pristine system with many spots to choose from. All sorts of fish can be caught in this river system, virtually any estuary fish you can think of can be caught. There are lots of opportunities to catch Garrick on lure, big Kob, big Grunter and the beautiful Springer. There are lots of holes in the river, big drop offs, prawn banks, rocky ledges and submerged structures where the fish hold. There are a number of spots in the river but the better spots are Leerie Bend, Stumpy Bay, Bushmans Bridge, Sandbar Floating Restaurant, the powerlines and many spots further up river.