South African Fishing Spots: Whales Back - Kenton-on-sea

Whales Back, Kenton on sea fishingWhales Back is located off Middle Beach in the coastal town of Kenton-on-sea. This South African saltwater fishing spot gets it's name, Whales Back, because the flat rocks where you fish off are mostly underwater and resemble the back of whale when it breaches the water. This is one of the more dangerous spots you can fish, and I have personally been washed off the rocks at here at Whales Back. The rocks are very slippery, as there is a lot of green seaweed on the rocks, and there are always waves breaking over them. The safest time to fish this spot is about 30 minutes until an hour after the Spring Low tide.

Blacktail caught on dropshot at whales backA variety of sea fishes can be caught off Whales Back, but I would definitely say that this spot is for more experienced anglers. The many rocks in the water and the strong side wash that is often present causes many anglers to loose a trace on every cast, and besides the loss of tackle it is quite a dangerous spot, especially if you are not used to fishing off the rocks and having waves break on you. Sturdy footwear is a must.

Other than the danger aspect, this is a fantastic fishing spot to fish artificial, light tackle or heavier tackle. Below is a list of the more common fish species that we have recorded at Whales Back:

  1. Blacktail
  2. Karanteen
  3. Evil Eyed Puffer
  4. Zebra
  5. Cape Stumpnose
  6. Fransmadam
  7. Brown Shyshark
  8. Janbruin
  9. Twotone Fingerfin
  10. Bronze Bream
  11. White Musselcracker
  12. Galjoen
  13. Banded Galjoen
  14. Super Klipfish
  15. Stonebream
  16. Flathead Mullet