The Halco Nightwalker Surface Popper & Top Water Lure


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The Halco Night Walker also known as The Halco Surface Crawler is a top water lure available in one size of about 6cms. It is a revolutionary lure as there is, at the time of writing this article, no other lure like it currently on the market in terms of shape action and modifications you can do to the lure. This is a deadly lure and can be used during night time and daylight hours. Purchase This Lure Now!

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Halco Night Walker (Surface Crawler Popper)The Lure has a strange shaped curvy body, with 2 big red and black eyes. It also has a glow in the dark bib which makes this lure amazing! The Halco Night Walker has strong Mustad Triple Grip Treble hooks that can handle large fish. Besides the action and huge commotion this lure creates it has rattles to annoy the fish even more, and the weight is mainly at the back of this lure which makes it easy to cast long distances with braid or light mono line. This Halco lure is versatile in that it is very sensitive to movement on the rod tip and therefore a deadly action can be produced, generally slower retrieves work well in estuaries but fast retrieves seem to be the key in freshwater systems.

This lure can be used to target any predatory fish in estuary systems: Shad, Kob, Garrick, Springer, Snapper, Perch, Barracuda, Kingfish, Grunter and many more, as for the freshwater application this lure is a winning topwater lure for Largemouth Bass, and I think Tigerfish, Nile Perch and bigger Bream species would also latch onto this lure!

Night Crawler Glow In The Dark Bib: This bib creates a huge commotion on top of the water, a lot more commotion than a normal open face popper would, just this attracts the fish from the depths or structures. Then there is the aspect of it glowing in the dark which has caught many small Kob, Springer and Garrick at night. All you need to do is leave the lure in sunlight or artificial light during the day and as soon as it gets dark you will notice that massive lumo green light that the lure emits. Otherwise a short 30 second charge under a semi powerful head lamp will last for 3 casts or so...

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The bib can also be removed to create a deadly surface lure for River Snapper, Barracuda and Perch, the Alcock brothers used this lure with huge success in the Transkei estuaries and caught many fish with the bib attached and with the bib off.

This lure does not come in many colours in the South African market but the best colour without a doubt would be R33 or Jelly Prawn. This natural colour seems to get the fishes interest, either that or the superb action of the lure does. See pictures from the Halco Catch Gallery...