Eastern Cape Fish Research - April 2012 Photo's

In the table below are images and photograph's of the research trip done in April 2012. Please click on the smaller picture to see it full size. Next to the image is a description of it. Enjoy! Read more about the locations and fish species by clicking the links.

Steven Victor's Smoothound Shark Steven Victor with the first Smoothound Shark officially captured in the research area, close to Roman Rocks.
Black Sea Barbel Steven Victor with a Black Seacatfish caught close to Ship Rock.
Blacktail Roman Bay A good sized Blacktail caught at Roman Rocks.
Juvenile Leervis on fly A 35cm juvenile Garrick caught at the Kariega River bridge.
Gareth Roocroft Sandshark A 76cm Lesser Sandshark caught close to Roman Rocks.
Very young lesser sandshark A very young Lesser Sandshark taken at Roman Rocks.
Super Klipfish 20cm Super Klipfish caught at Riet Reef.
22cm Super Klipfish Clinidae Large dark Super Klipfish  caught at Roman Rocks.
Small Clinidae - Super Klipfish Light coloured Super Klipfish  caught in the same pool as the one above.
Juvenile Bottervis - Twotone Fingerfin Juvenile Twotone Fingerfin caught at Riet Reef.
Adult Butter Fish Adult Twotone Fingerfin caught same as above.
Juvenile Brusher Juvenile Musselcracker caught at Roman Rocks.
29cm White Steenbras light tackle Gareth Roocroft 29cm White Steenbras caught at The Triangle, Ship Rock.
Aimee Harvey's 1.1kg Steenbras 41cm White Steenbras caught at the same place as above.
Zebra caught at Kasouga Zebra caught at Riet Reef.
Zebra Fish Aimee Harvey with a Zebra at Ship Rock.
Kasouga Ship Rock Looking towards The Wreck from Ship Rock.
Fishing at Ship Rock kasouga Fishing at The Triangle, Ship Rock.