South African Fishing Spots: Roman Rocks - Kleinemonde

Roman Rocks, along Clayton's Beach, Kleinemonde East is a rocky area that produces great fishing. There is about a 2.5 kilometer walk to reach Roman Rocks, and if you carry on a few more kilometers you will found yourself at Roman Bay.

White Musselcracker caught at roman rocksRoman Rocks is a good angling spot for a variety of saltwater fish as the area is made up of broken rock, rocky gullies and sand banks with holes where Steenbras and Kob like to hang around, as well as numerous Sandshark. Roman Rocks can be difficult to access and you need good solid footwear to fish off them. The best fishing is when the tide starts to come in, but this is also the most dangerous time to fish Roman Rocks, as the waves roll in quite quickly.

Below is a list of fish you are most likely to encounter when fishing off Roman Rocks:

  1. Lesser Sandshark
  2. Kob
  3. White Steenbras
  4. White Seacatfish
  5. Super Klipfish
  6. White Musselcracker
  7. Blacktail
  8. Smoothound
  9. Spotted Gully Shark
  10. Brown Shyshark
  11. Ragged Tooth Shark
  12. Bronze Bream
  13. John Brown
  14. Black Musselcracker
  15. Koester Rockcod
  16. Shad