South African Fishing Spots: The Wreck - Kasouga

The Wreck is a saltwater fishing spot approximately 6 kilometers from the town of Kasouga and the only way to access it is by walking on the soft beach sand, which makes it a long trek. Once you reach The Kasouga Wreck, good fishing is available to be done, and this is particularly a good spot for Kob.

"Ship Wreck" as it is more commonly known is a rock and surf fishing spot where, in 1965, the trawler Cape St. Blaize got washed up on the sand banks due to high gale force winds. The ship had 13 members on board and all got out safely. There are still a few remnants of the ship on the beach at this spot, which is well passed Ship Rock.

The more common sea fish species that can be found at the Kasouga Wreck can be seen listed below:

  1. Kob
  2. Catface Rockcod
  3. Yellowbelly Rockcod
  4. Black Seacatfish
  5. White Seacatfish
  6. Zebra
  7. Lesser Sandshark
  8. Brown Shyshark
  9. White Steenbras
  10. Blacktail