Eastern Cape Fishing At Three Sisters – Rock & Surf Angling Spots

Three Sisters is one of the more better known spots in South Africa, whether it is known for its beauty or its fishing. The Three Sisters, half way between Riet River and Kleinemonde, are 3 big rocks that create a point, and are separated by 50 to 100 meters. They stand out when you are there, but are hidden by a dune field, and a wonder to behold.

Fishing at 3 Sisters is very “hit and miss”. This area can produce some outstanding fishing, but also has its poor days, of which I have had many. There are ledges, underwater caves and holes all over the place at Three Sisters which house many fish species, and all the areas around Three Sisters are worth being explored thoroughly. Three Sisters is a picturesque Eastern Cape wonderland, and is one of those places you are happy to make the long walk with heavy tackle and leave without catching anything, well that's how I feel about Three Sisters anyway.

The fish you are most likely to catch and encounter at 3 Sisters include the following:

  1. Kob
  2. Blacktail
  3. White Seacatfish
  4. White Steenbras
  5. Super Klipfish
  6. Koester Rockcod
  7. Catface Rockcod
  8. Zebra
  9. Bronze Bream
  10. Stonebream
  11. Brown Shyshark
  12. Evil Eyed Puffer
  13. Twotone Fingerfin