Eastern Cape Fish Research - September 2013 Photo's

In the table below are images and photograph's of the research trip done in September 2013. Please click on the smaller picture to see it full size. Next to the image is a description of it. Enjoy! Read more about the locations and fish species by clicking the links.

Blacktail caught at Stumpy Bay Darryn, with a Blacktail caught at Stumpy Bay.
Blacktail caught at bats cave Jason, with a juvenile Blacktail caught off Bats Cave.
Brown Shyshark caught at Roman Rocks Jason with a decent sized Brown Shyshark caught at Roman Rocks.
Karanteen caught at bats cave Darryn with a Karanteen caught at Bats Cave.
Big Spotted Grunter Jason with a big 2.5 kilogram Spotted Grunter at Kariega Bridge.
Twotone fingerfin at bats cave Twotone Fingerfin caught by myself (Gareth) at Bats Cave.
Zebra caught at Bats Cave Jason with a Zebra caught at Bats Cave.
40cm Shad (Elf) Darryn, with a 40cm Shad caught at Kariega Bridge.
Cape Stumpnose caught in the bay Myself with a Cape Stumpnose caught at Stumpy Bay.
1.4kg Striped Mullet Darryn with a huge Striped Mullet, 1.4kgs, caught at Bats Cave.